Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll

6 eggs (separated)
6 T. sugar
6 t. flour
1/4 c. beer

To the egg whites, beat stiff, add by spoonful the sugar beating well after each addition. The beat the yolk with the beer and add to egg white mixture. Blend Well

Cut an fold the flour into the mixture. Pour into shallow pan lined with greased paper. Bake for 15mins. at 400F.

Remove paper lining. Spread jam, frosting or custard over cake and roll.

Dust surface with sugar. slice crosswise


Joshua Fernandez said...

hi..! you have a nice blog page it possible that you can visit mine if you are interested in science

P-Chan said...

hello, thank you :) just visited your site pretty deep science stuff, It's like discovery or national geographic in text.. I'd stick to cooking for now.. :)

thanks for dropping by