Sunday, February 13, 2011

West Lake Fish

1 live/fresh fish (carp or any fresh water fish)
1/2 cup shredded young ginger
2 green onion
2 T. soy sauce
3 T. sugar
1 T. wine
2 t. salt
4 T. brown vinegar
2 t. brown food color(optional)
3 T. lotus root starch or cornstarch
1 T. sesame oil
4 T. lard
2 cups soup stock

Kill fish by striking a blow on the head (do not remove the head), Scale an clean. Split it lengthwise from gills down without cutting through the back. Chop the large bones into section.

Put the fish in boiling water with some green onion and ginger, cook for about 2 minutes over medium heat until the fish is done (when eyes pops out). Remove the fish from pan and place onto a platter.

Sprinkle the young shredded ginger on the fish.

Splash wine in the 3T. heated oil, add soup stock immediately. Add soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, salt and food color. When the soup is boiling add starch (mix with 5 T. water before use) cook until thickened. Sprinkle 1 T. sesame oil and 1 T. lard (or hot cooking oil) into the sauce, pour over the fish. Server immediately.

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