Wednesday, February 2, 2011

spiced pork

1-1/4 lbs boneless pork
2 T. soybean paste
3 T. soy sauce
1 T. wine
2 oz. crystal sugar (or sugar)
1 pc. star anise (optional)

wipe the pork and rub all sides with soy bean pasteand soak for aobut 2-3 hours

put soy sauce, wine and star anise in deep pot and boil, then add pork and 2 cups boiling water, bring to boil over high heat, reduce heat to about half, stew for 1/2 hour. then a sugar, contining to stew 1 more hour. Turn meat often while stewing

when the sauce is reduced to 1/2 cups and rather thick, remove from fire and let it cool in pot

slice the pork and lay on plate attractively and pour the sauce on top

note: spiced pork tastes better eaten cold. place the sliced pork in baked sesame buns or chinese pancake.

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